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New Shorinji Kempo students often get confused when putting on their belt for the first few times. The following instructions show one method of tying your belt in to the correct knot.

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1.step 1

Take one end of the belt and place in centre of your back.

2.step 2

Wrap Belt around your body twice, keeping it flat.

3.step 3

Hold belt at the front and let the outer end drop.

4.step 4

Tuck the outer end up and under the length of belt around your body.

5.step 5

Pull the inner end of the belt down and adjust so that both ends are an equal length.

6.step 6

Take hold of the lower end and flip it over towards you.

7. step 7

Lay the upper end across the lower end creating a hole .

8.step 8

Tuck the upper end under both lengths of belt and up through the hole.

9.step 9

Gently pull both ends of the belt to tighten the knot (but not to tight!)

10.step 10 - finished!!

Tuck both ends of the belt down between the two sections of belt that are wrapped around your body. Adjust as required so that all sections lay flat.