South Coast Shorinji Kempo Clubs

Shorinji Kempo - The Art Of Self Defence

Shorinji Kempo is an effective martial art designed purely for self defence. Unlike many martial arts it is non-competitive, and focuses on developing the persons body and mind. Browse our pages to find out more about this Martial Art and the clubs located on the UK South Coast.

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Sensei Russ and the new Shorinjikempo brown and black belts

Welcome to the South Coast Shorinji Kempo clubs web site

The UK south coast is home to the Southampton, Bournemouth, Poole and Southampton University Shorinji Kempo Dojos.

Explore our site and find out more about this exciting martial art and our Bournemouth, Southampton and Poole Dojos.

For information on the Southampton University Dojo visit their web site.

What's on the site?

These pages contain information about the martial art, Shorinji Kempo, and the clubs located on the (UK) South Coast, in the Hampshire and Dorset area. 

Our club pages contain information about the training times and location of each club.

We have included information on the fees as well as some background on the clubs and their instructors.

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